The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy as a Path to a Regenerative Future

The best way to be wealthy is not to need money in the first place.
When sharing and working together, people get more of what they want, and spend less to get
it, creating powerful incentives to guide a cultural shift towards valuing our interconnection,
and looking at community as a mechanism through which all may thrive.

Building community economies that are collaborative, caring, and ecologically balanced, not
only reduces the harm from use of current systems, it also provides high quality lifestyles for its
users. When designed with the right values, participating in this economy teaches and enables
people to thrive, living in harmony with nature. Creating local sharing economies is thus
simultaneously a systemic solution for personal, community, and global sustainability.

We believe that building the Sharing Economy will help people understand their
interconnection and how much we benefit from working together, helping each other, and
aligning with local and natural energies to meet our needs. This is critical to deflate our
corrosive industrialized globalized economy, redirecting resources from an old failing paradigm
to construct a new more effective one, and main-streaming important ideas and values that
point to the more beautiful alternative we are growing.

Our interaction with and participation in the economy is a daily expression of our value system
and an opportunity to create and guide effective social structures. To become our upgraded
cultural norms, ‘new’ high-quality values need to be first seen, then learned, expressed, and
practiced. By developing a cooperative, community economy, we provide constant embedded
examples of the ways of the new paradigm. Whether through conscious participation, or simply
choosing to get one’s needs met through these ‘alternative’ economies, individuals,
communities, and nature are significantly impacted by this opportunity to choose well.

Once clear that many of our environmental and social justice problems come from the
agreements we make with each other and our communities, it becomes evident that we can
find equilibrium with ourselves and nature by embracing and empowering harmonious values,
and designing our economy to teach everyone how to participate.

Communities that have developed their Sharing Economy will be more resilient to, and
independent from, fluctuations in the globalized economy and food system, and participants
will demand ever decreasing quantities of its goods and services. Living in such a way that is closer to one’s
values, we can expect greater personal wellness and community cohesion from this increased
level of integrity.

Eric Baudry
Sustainability Strategist & Co-Founder @ Upward Spirals
Executive Director @ The Diamante Valley Solution Center


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